Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How to Help Mitt Romney Win

How Can You Help Mitt Romney Win?!?

1. First and foremost, make sure that you are "For Romney." Become well informed on Romney's position on the issues and help dispel the copious mis-information that abounds.

2. Talk to your friends (from school, work, church, etc . . .) about why you support Mitt Romney. Build a local network of supporters and collect contact information for them. This is the heart of the "grassroots" politics that will be required to help Romney get the GOP nomination.

3. Get involved in local politics . . . I'm not saying to run for office (go for it if you feel so inclined), but find local candidates you feel comfortable supporting and help in their efforts. "All politics is local" is a common mantra that holds true. We will have a better time convincing the politically active around us of "the merits of Mitt" if we've helped them out and have built a mutual relationship of respect. If you have the means, donate to local politicians/groups to aid in building these bridges.

4. Blog and message board in support of Romney and refer others to good Romney blogsites. Search out online communities that would be interested in knowing about Romney and inform them. Some conservative political sites that always seem to like to debate 2008 presidential hopefuls are http://www.redstate.com/ and Free Republic http://www.freerepublic.com/home.htm/. Sign up for these sites and participate in the commentary! Some other sites that get a lot of comments to stories are http://www.townhall.com and the Washington Post Political blog: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thefix/ .

5. DIFFUSE the "religion issue" by reminding folks that the election is not a "referendum" of a specific religion, but is about electing the most fit and capable person to be our president.

6. Start a blogsite for Romney. You can start one for your state, your city (if it's a very large one), or for a specific interest group (it's incredibly easy and you don't have to go overboard with the site). Try to collect contact information from people who seem interested. Keep people up to date about where and when Romney will be, point them to important videos, articles, issue statements etc . . .

7. Support local "issue groups" that are in line with your stances by signing up for their newsletters, signing their petitions, attending their events, etc. . . (similar to #3 above) For example, I have signed up with the Iowa Christian Alliance here in my state.

8. Sign up to join "User Groups" (like Yahoo Groups or Google Groups) that support Romney and will get you the latest information.

9. Save and donate money to Romney and encourage other supporters to do the same . . . it's not just the "big money" folks that will take anyone through a presidential bid. You can support Gov. Romney finacially now via https://www.thecommonwealthpac.com/contribute.phtml.

10. Help ensure that websites that are (or propose to be) "authroitative" sources on Romney and his stances on the issues have correct information that is not slanted too strongly against him. An especially important site is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitt_Romney . . . this site comes up #2 or #3 on a "Mitt Romney" search and is able to be edited by ANYONE (who registers--it's free and I haven't gotten any spam). Read the entry, correct it, alter the wording, be fair, but force others to be fair to Romney as well.

11. Use media outlets whenever possible. Write letters to the editor if an article misrepresents Romney's stance on the issues or unfairly debases him. Call in to radio talk shows when politics are being discussed and state why you like Romney over other candidates.

12. Vote for Romney on online polls; rate positive online articles about him highly; "Recommend" Pro-Romney Red State Diaries (members only, but I recommend signing up).

This was Copied from http://iowansformitt.pbwiki.com/How%20to%20Help%20Mitt%20Romney%20Win%20the%20GOP%20Nomination



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