Friday, September 29, 2006

Nutmeggers for Mitt

I found a new blog today. Introducing Nutmeggers for Mitt. Nutmegger is a nickname for people from the state of Connecticut. So that brings the number of states for Mitt Romney to 21! Another 29 states to go!



At Monday, 02 October, 2006, Blogger Lug Nutmegger said...

Thanks for the plug Kevin! Pickin's are kind of slim right now but Nutmeggers for Mitt should be in full Mitt mode next week.

At Monday, 02 October, 2006, Blogger Kevin Davis Jr. said...

You're welcome!


At Tuesday, 03 October, 2006, Blogger Samuel's Bro said...


I'd say I spent 15 of the last 30 days in Norwalk. I never realized what beautiful country the northeast is. I tasted some of the most delicious pizza, and seafood I've eaten in my life.

But you'll have to come on down to Texas to eat steak. I had steak twice and it was a let down both times.

Good luck with your site!


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