Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mitt Romney on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Many conservatives have criticized Mitt Romney for not being sufficiently pro-life on the issues of abortion and stem cell research. Or he's cynically accused of taking a more pro-life position for purely political purposes. I believe a person's opinions can evolve based on their knowledge of the subject and their life experiences. My position abortion and stem cell research has become more pro-life since the birth of my first son and after reading stem cell-related journal articles.

Mitt has also been the governor of a very blue, pro-choice state and has had the burden of balancing his personal views with the demands of his constituents. The issue of embryonic stem cell research is particularly contentious because on the one hand stem cells have potential therapeutic value, but on the other hand human embryos are destroyed in the process. Last year, the Massachusetts legislature overrode his veto of a law permitting stem cell research in the state. In August of this year, Romney's administration issued regulations that banned the creation of embryos for research. Said Romney,

"I believe it crosses a very bright moral line to take sperm and eggs in the laboratory and start creating human life," Romney told reporters. "It is Orwellian in its scope. In laboratories you could have trays of new embryos being created."

Ok, so embryonic stem cell research is going on in MA, but Romney has fought hard to limit it despite being strongly opposed by the state legislature. He could have thrown in the towel and just signed the original bill because he knew he would lose the fight, but he didn't. And then he used his executive powers to limit the scope of stem cell research. So the scientists can do therapeutic stem cell research (within limits), and pro-lifers can be satisfied that no embryos will be created for the research. I think this is just one example that shows he has the character and leadership ability to fight for conservative ideals as President of the United States.

So we conservatives can gripe and complain that Romney wasn't sufficiently pro-life in the past, or we can say it's ok for a politician to admit that his is wrong and cheer when he does the right thing.



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