Tuesday, October 31, 2006

That Veep thing, again

This one comes from the Austin American-Statesman.

Perry has been mentioned as a potential Veep candidate (mostly by supporters and a few staffers), but no public interest has so far surfaced. The latest rumor: He might pair up with Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

This is the 2nd time(that i'm aware of) that they have ran an article about a Mitt Romney/Rick Perry ticket.

Let's list a few of the people that could be Mitt Romney's VP:
1)Mitt Romney/Jeb Bush
2)Mitt Romney/Rudolph Giuliani
3)Mitt Romney/Matt Blunt
4)Mitt Romney/Condoleeza Rice
5)Mitt Romney/John McCain
6)Mitt Romney/Bill Frist
7)Mitt Romney/George Allen
And the list goes on...

Who do you want (and why) to be Mitt Romney's VP?

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