Monday, November 13, 2006

An Article 6 Blog Interview: John McIntyre of Real Clear Politics

The Article 6 Blog has an interesting interview with John McIntyre of Real Clear Politics. They discuss Mitt Romney and the possible "Mormon Issue".

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

McIntyre:I think the unknown here is the degree to which Mitt Romney’s opponents, maybe not openly but operatives and supporters of his opponents, may try to make the Mormon issue something that could move voters in Republican primary. I think it’s just an open question.

McIntyre:Well, not entirely, but I mean, I should clarify that. I mean, what I’m saying is social conservatives are out there thinking, who’s their guy, and for a while the thinking was maybe Senator Allen was going to be their guy. Well, he stumbled. Okay, so he’s not in the top tier right now, so who are they turning to? They don’t like McCain. They don’t trust McCain, they don’t like him. Giuliani is just liberal across the board on issues that are very important to social conservatives. I mean, in many ways, Romney’s the guy by default.

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