Friday, December 22, 2006


The 2008 GOP Primary conversation has taken an unproductive detour for some time now in regards to Romney’s so-called flip flops on abortion and gays. It’s probably not necessarily a bad thing, as we might as well get all the dirty laundry aired out early, but I think the conversation has gone on long enough.

Remember the choices are between:

John McCain -

I like John McCain. I have no animosity toward the man. I'm over the Keating 5 issue, and I think most Americans are too. The biggest disagreement I have with him is the gang of 14 compromise. I felt like it was snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but hey, we've got John Roberts as chief justice (my #1 favorite accomplishment of the Bush administration's 2nd term) and Samuel Alito was confirmed as well. I would have liked to see more appellate judges confirmed, and that was what bothered me most about the compromise, but on the whole I understand the logic behind the decision.(Don't agree with the logic, but I'm basically over it.)

Rudy Giuliani

I like Rudy Giuliani too. Like most Americans my heart swelled with pride to see him charging into the fray on 9-11. Whatever shortcomings New York has, the government had its act together enough that the public employees were on the job, and came together in crisis. Compare that to Hurricane Katrina where huge numbers of New Orleans Police officers walked off the job. New York is a nicer place to live, and visit since Rudy served as Mayor there. Being electable in the Northeast is a good thing for a politician running for President.

Mitt Romney

Obviously I'm in favor of Mitt Romney. I think he has all the positives of both of the other candidates and then some. He also is missing some of the negatives.

Most Americans have at least some ambivalence on both the abortion issue, and the homosexual agenda. Most Americans believe that homosexuals should not be discriminated against. Most Americans also believe that refusing to redefine marriage doesn't qualify as discrimination. Mitt Romney doesn't hate gays. He doesn't advocate that we take away their right to vote. He doesn't advocate that we refuse to hire gay people. Mitt Romney isn't against gay people. Most Americans pretty much agree with this. Most Americans are not black and white on abortion either. Very few Americans would advocate making abortion illegal under all circumstances. Very few Americans would advocate making abortion unsafe. On the other hand, very few Americans are out there saying that abortion is a GOOD thing. Americans of all stripes, Democrat and Republican have varying shades of opinion on this issue, and very few of us have had to serve in public office and make decisions. I agree with the folks over at Evangelicals for Mitt that Romney's actions should speak louder on this issue.

What about the other issues?

Who is more likely to reach across the aisle and actually get something accomplished (universal healthcare in Massachusets as opposed to the gang of 14 compromise)?

Who is least likely to have an embarrassing personal scandal?

Who is least likely to put up with corruption in his administration?

Who will fight harder for tax relief?

Who is more likely to give us another John Roberts?

Who is more likely to get conservative judges appointed and confirmed?

Who is more likely to solve the Social Security mess?

Who is smarter?

Who is more personally likeable?

Romney wins on all the issues. I don't see any need to tear down John McCain, or Rudy Giuliani to make the case for Romney. Give me an issue Americans care about and Mitt Romney is a candidate with the ability to get the job done.

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