Friday, December 01, 2006

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt: is he about to endorse Mitt Romney?

Romney’s camp has been more tight-lipped about who is in their corner among the gubernatorial ranks, but one close supporter said that the RGA chair has the as-of-yet undeclared support of around a dozen of his colleagues. Among them is Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. The first-term governor said in an interview today that he would make a public endorsement “probably in the next few days.” Asked for which candidate, Blunt replied that he had “a great deal of admiration for Gov. Romney.” Blunt, the son of House Republican Whip Roy Blunt, said he wants “to elect a conservative candidate” and Romney is “the most conservative of those” in the field who are “credible.” Asked if McCain was also a conservative candidate, Blunt chose to talk about Romney.

Read the full story at National Review Online.

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