Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Governor Mitt Romney Makes A Key Hire For His 2008 Presidential Campaign

From Race 4 2008:

According to sources, Republican media guru Alex Castellanos has been hired by the Governor Mitt Romney 2008 presidential campaign to run their advertising shop.

Castellanos is a veteran of big time Republican campaigns at virtually all levels and someone who is known to be as hard hitting as he is conservative. He is perhaps most famous for his “white hands” television ad during a re-election campaign for United States Senator Jesse Helms in which an employment rejection letter is crumpled up on screen by two white hands as the narrator explains how this person lost a job they needed and were qualified for because of affirmative action. The ad was controversial because the Democrat opponent of Helms in that campaign was black, in addition to being a supporter of racial preferences - former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt. Of course Helms was undefeated in his Senate campaigns and had a first-rate political team - a team that single-handedly revived the presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan in 1976 that was on virtual life support until it won the North Carolina Republican primary againt incumbent President Gerald Ford.

With Castellanos on board, I would expect some very tough ads from the Romney campaign questioning the conservative credentials of primary opponents Giuliani and McCain, who had better be ready to respond in kind and play hardball. Castellanos uses a “take no prisoners” approach and is a tone-setting kind of campaign principal. It ought to be very interesting.

Is this rumor fact or fiction?
Time will tell.

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