Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mitt Romney's Letter To South Carolina

From the National Journal's Daily Troika.

MA Gov. Mitt Romney, who campaigns in Greenville, SC for GOPers today, sent more than 1,000 Republicans in the state a glossy, eight-page brochure that reads like a campaign solicitation and lays out what amounts to a 10-point plan to reinvorgating the conservative movement. The 10/30-dated latter includes a message-testing "State of South Carolina Survey" that asks recipients to agree or disagree with 20 issue statements.

The letter also asks for money, with proceeds being directed to Commonwealth PAC affiliates in Iowa and Michigan.

The letter, written in Romney's name, states that conservatives "agree on a couple of very important things." They include a belief that "our government" is "growing again." Spending "in too many places is out of control." Also:

The US "cannot fail to defeat radical and violent Muslim extemists" worldwide.

The US "can and must secure our borders first" and "must also ensure our laws promote legal immigration."

"Affirming America's Culture and Values"

The US "must use every energy asset we have" and "develop alternatives that help our nation" on "the road to energy independence."

Conservatives must keep "taxes low" and simplify the tax code.

"Extending health care to all Americans" by "using market-based programs."

The US "must treat teaching as a true profession"

The US must "meet the economic rise of China and Asia head-on.

The US must continue "investing in technology."

Commonwealth PAC spokesman Jared Young said the letter was meant as a both a "survey of what issues are important to folks" as well as "a fundrasing letter." After 11/7, said Young,. "I think it's be safe to assume that the commonwealth pac will continue to help Republican candidates."

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