Monday, December 04, 2006

Mitt Romney assembles wide-ranging team

WASHINGTON - One is a top Iowa lawmaker, another a South Carolina political strategist and a third is a former spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.
All have signed on as part of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's political team in anticipation of his presidential bid.
The Republican is expected to announce in January he will run for the White House, and he's already assembling a far-flung team. The list includes some big names who combined have decades of experience running presidential and other high-profile political races.
"I think he's been able to attract to his team some really top-notch people," says Iowa House Speaker Christopher Rants, a Romney supporter and adviser.
While Romney's Mormon faith is expected to be a big hurdle in his race, his campaign is not stocked with those of his own religion.
There's a broad spectrum of faiths.
Romney's front man for the media, Jared Young, for example, is a Southern Baptist who graduated from the fundamentalist Bob Jones University.

Here's my favorite part from the article:

Tom Rath, a former attorney general of New Hampshire and a Roman Catholic, has also joined Romney's team. He says Romney's faith wasn't a big concern when he decided to back the governor. "To me he's a man of faith and a man of principle," Rath said.
"The team around him - this is a group that knows how to get it done," Rath says. "It's a good mix of grizzled-old hoots like me and a lot of young people who understand the technology."

To read the full article, please visit the Salt Lake Tribune.

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