Friday, January 05, 2007

From the Yahoo Group

As a longtime member of this Yahoo Group and friend of some of the Romney
family, I have been pleased to see the response and enthusiasm for Mitt and
his candidacy for President. As a member of his finance committee, I know
many of you might be interested in raising money/contributing to his
campign. Since exploratory papers were filed this week, we can now begin
that process. If you are interested in contributing, simply go to and click on the "Make a Contribution" link. Where it
asks if you were referred by a friend, click "Yes" and enter my code,
224000. If you are interested in becoming a fundraiser yourself, send me an
email. Lastly, please feel free to spread this message to any of the other
groups/websites which support Mitt. Thank you everyone for being willing to
come out so strong, and so early - coMITTed.

McCain is the past.
Romney is the future.

Chris Kirkland

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