Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Team Romney wins backing from 16 committee members

Former Massachusetts Gov. and presidential aspirant Mitt Romney’s (R) campaign has won the support of 16 Republican National Committee members, according to sources familiar with the campaign.

The list includes Cindy Costa (S.C.), Darrell Crate (Mass.), David Norcross (N.J.), Donna Gosney (W.Va.), Jody Dow (Mass.), June Hartley (Ore.), Louis Pope (Md.), Lynn Windel (Okla.), Peter Cianchette (Maine), Robert Manning (R.I.), Ron Kaufman (Mass.), Sara Gear Boyd (Vt.), Solomon Yue (Ore.), Tom Rath (N.H.), Tony Parker (D.C.) and Vance Day (Ore.).

Read the full story at The Hill

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