Friday, January 12, 2007

Is Mitt Romney "Yogi the Bear"?

According to Dean Barnett of, the answer is Yes!

The only remaining question is how Mitt Romney will feel about my repeated likening of him to the endearing cartoon character, Yogi the Bear. I got to know Romney pretty well when I volunteered for him on his ’94 Senate campaign; the Yogi the Bear comparison definitely shortchanges him in the gravitas department.

But in the political world, as he was in the business world, Mitt Romney is most definitely smarter than the average bear. While it’s conceivable that Romney’s rivals may be able to close the ground in the fundraising game, the Yogi factor will be Romney’s consistent advantage.

But wait, here's my favorite part:

Disclosure: Dean Barnett volunteered for Mitt Romney’s 1994 Senate campaign.If Team Romney will take him, he will also volunteer for Romney’s run for president.

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