Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I think I might have one degree of seperation from Senator DeMint. I graduated from high school (Eastside) in 1995 with one- Jake DeMint, who's father may or may not be Jim DeMint. Jim DeMint is from Greenville SC.

When I heard about the DeMint senate campaign I was rooting for Jim DeMint, because I thought it might be Jake's Dad. Not that Jake and I were close by any means. We had the same Biology class, and Jake ran track (like me) for a brief time if I recall correctly our Junior year. I remember one conversation with one of my friends - Jennifer J.

Me: "You know who I think is a very arrogant person? - Jake DeMint."
Jennifer: "No, actually Jake is really cool. He might come off a bit harsh sometimes but you just don't know him. He's a good guy."

Jennifer, being the straight shooter that she is, had a lot of credibility with me. So even though I never really got to know Jake in high school, I changed my opinion of him to 'decent guy'. Even after he started driving a Camaro. Oh yeah, and one more thing. Jake was one of those kids in high school who could declare what was cool, and what wasn't. Nobody can do it for everything (except maybe John Tucker) but Jake had the kind of grounded personality where he didn't have to follow the crowd, he could just get his own crowd. I don't think Camaros are cool now, and I didn't when I was younger. But when Jake DeMint drove one back in the day, I wished I had one too.

But of course I'm not even sure Jake DeMint is related to Jim DeMint - just pretty sure.

The reason for this post is to announce that Senator DeMint has thrown in with Mitt. Kevin has already posted a link to the letter Jim DeMint sent out.

The fact that Senator DeMint has expressed support for Mitt Romney makes me happy for several reasons.

Romney will be strong in Michigan, the West (possibly even putting California, New Mexico and Hawaii into play for the GOP). He will definitely be strong in New Hampshire, and he's looking pretty good in Iowa. The South is THE big question mark in everyone's mind for Romney because of the Mormon question.

An endorsement from someone prominent like Senator DeMint is EXACTLY the kind of thing Romney supporters have been longing to see for a long time now. I'm so glad about it. It sends the message that southerners see straight. They know a qualified candidate when they see him (or her). When liberals try to paint conservatives as narrow minded bigots, Senator DeMint's endorsement says that conservatives are actually very open minded, they look at all the choices and can pick the best choice.

Good job Senator.

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