Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Quotes about Mitt Romney from my recent visits to Boston

I've been up in Boston on a work assignment for about 6 weeks. It's been a challenging assignment, but as a side benefit I get to talk to Bostonians about what they think about my favorite (Ex) Governor.

It's amazing. What I hear on the negative side is either boilerplate Romney democratic talking points - 'Mitt can't be trusted...', 'Mitt is too conservative...',

Also on the negative side are the conspiracy theories...

Here's a quote from an employee of mine who eventually got fired for blatant sexual harrassment:

Ewgffbsh: "To be honest with you, I think Mitt Romney is a member of the KKK."

Me: "What? Are you serious? You think Romney is in the KKK? Why?"

Ewgffbsh: "Yeah, I think they all are. Otherwise why would there be so many crimes in the poor areas of town?"

Me: "You think the government, and Mitt Romney are all members of the KKK because of inner city crime?"

Ewgffbsh: "Yep. They're all in it otherwise why wouldn't they send the police out there to walk the beat. The police are the biggest gang in town. If they were out there stopping crime there wouldn't be any."

Me: "Wow."

And here's another one.

"Don't vote for him when he runs for President. He's just like all the others. If you look in his neighborhood in Belmont, there aren't any potholes. But everywhere else there's potholes."

Postive Quotes -

"He's been doing a damn good job as Governor. It's the legislature he has to contend with. They try to keep him from getting any actual work done around here."

"If he ran as governor again, I wouldn't vote for him. But for President - I definitely would vote for him." "Why?" "He's got better things to do than clean our s@$* up." "Would you donate money to his campaign?" "Probably"

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At Tuesday, 09 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in Massachusetts. Mitt Romney is the best governor we've ever had. This is a great blog.


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