Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is America Ready to Elect a Mormon President?

Is America Ready to Elect a Mormon President? That is a question that the media keeps bringing up, and loves to talk about. I think that if you change the question to:

In the 2008 Presidential Election, would you vote for a Mormon by the name of Mitt Romney?
I think that the answer would be yes among these categories:
People that would say or vote yes:

1: Conservative Evangelicals would say yes to a president Mitt Romney as he is the most conservative, both "Fiscally" and "Socially" of the republicans "Big 3".
2: Conservative Politicians who are not afraid of a backlash and/or threats from a certain Republican that resides in Arizona and his allies.
3: People that are Socially Moderates, but yet are Fiscally Conservative and looking for some one to clean up the Federal Governments "Super-Sized" spending.
4: People that want "Roe vs. Wade" overturned and the abortion issue sent back to the States (where it should have originally been).
5: People that want a Constitutional Amendment passed Defining marriage as between "1 male & 1 female". Of the "Big 3" only Mitt Romney can be counted on to to support a conservative Federal Marriage Amendment. While Mitt Romney sent a letter to the Senate pleading with them to vote "yes" on the FMA John McCain voted no on the FMA, and Rudy Giuliani is socially liberal.

And a "no" among these categories:
People that would say or vote no:

1: The Clinton's.
2: Pro-choice advocates.
3: Supporters of Same Sex Marriage.
4: John McCain.
5: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is also a Mormon.
6: A few "Liberal" Mormons.
7: Liberals & Democrats.

In conclusion I believe that America is ready for a Mormon president, that is if his name happens to be "Mitt Romney"!

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At Thursday, 11 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am excited about a Romney presidency. He is very good at selling the Republican platform, and that is not an easy thing to do.

As far as the moderate stance he took in the past: Mitt respects the voice of the majority (as elected officials should) and has not been afraid to support liberal policy when it was appropriate, and overwhelmingly popular.

It's really not any different than President Clinton supporting conservative policy in the second term of his presidency.


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