Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Article about Mitt in the Boston Herald

I've said for a long time that Mitt Romney is the best candidate in the race. I feel that way because he comes out persuasively for the right side of the issues. His opponents are often left with their arguments in tatters.

Case in point. There were 2 articles about Mitt Romney today in the Boston Herald. One was about him raising 6.5 million dollars yesterday. The other one was on the opinion page about how police began under the Romney administration to randomly pull everybody over at checkpoints and check for intoxicated drivers.

The title of today's article: "Life in the harassed lane" I'll quote the last paragraph of the article just so you can get a sense of the author's point of view:

"Surely, there are equally effective ways to find and punish drunken drivers, such as intensified highway patrols, without targeting law abiding citizens. Another worthy initiative would be to forward a constitutional amendment allowing a defendant's refusal to take the breathalyzer to be admitted as evidence in court."


Earlier in the article...

"But is the cost worth it? According to one news report, some 60 cars were stopped by police. A total of eight drunken drivers were found."

Okay, lets put that a different way. You're walking down the sidewalk and you see 100 cars drive past you. Thirteen of those cars were driven by somebody who was intoxicated. THIRTEEN PERCENT!!!!!

Here is a link to a video of Mitt Romney strengthening drunk driving laws in Massachusets. What I want to point out is how succinctly and eloquently Mitt Romney persuades the listener to his point of view, and simultaneously destroys most if not all counterarguments.

We need this guy in the White House.

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