Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Evangelical Problem?

Check out this clip from an article on the American Prospect Online website:

But none of this has stopped some of the Christian right's most influential power brokers from offering endorsements and strategic help, signaling that Romney is doing more than pandering on abortion and gay marriage. He’s on board to change the courts and their interpretation of the Constitution.

Jay Sekulow, the head of Pat Robertson’s American Center for Law and Justice (ALCJ) and one of the most prominent evangelical figures in the country, has placed his seal of approval on Romney and signed on to advise his campaign. Gary Marx, a former Bush campaign liaison to the evangelical community, is Romney’s Conservative Coalitions Director. Marx also heads up the Judicial Confirmation Network, which last year ran an ad ominously portraying "left-wing extremists" opposing the Alito Supreme Court nomination as supporting legal positions that were antithetical to "the real America."

You see, the "Mormon issue" is overblown. If you still need more evidence, I encourage you to visit Evangelicals for Mitt. What more can be said?

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