Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Every generation needs a new revolution

Tonight's State of the Union address is looming, and indicators show that President Bush will not be speaking much about Iraq or the Middle East.

Smart move.

Bush's Iraq policy has become so incredibly unpopular that he cannot afford to spend the majority of yet another major national address in extolling his latest plan for the middle east. Instead he will be refocusing his attention on domestic issues such as healthcare and global climate change.

Dumb move.

Maybe he should just spend the two hours talking about golf or telling stories about Barney's silly games of fetch in the rose garden...

I am a republican. I am glad Bush is our president, and I respect the office. But he is in an impossible situation with the Congress and with the American people; he is radioactive.

For anything to get done on the domestic issues that face our country, he will need a cooperative Congress or overwhelming support from the American people for his plans.

With his approval rating at a solid 28% because of the failed Iraq policy, I wouldn't be holding my breath for the people.

As far as Congress goes, not a chance. They are only interested in one thing: credit. The new Democratic majority feel that this is their chance to restore faith in their party. They were going to move on these domestic issues.

With President Bush making proposals and trying to become a champion of some of these domestic issues, he will actually cause gridlock and kill the issues before they even get off the ground.

The last thing the Democrats will do is give away the credit, especially to the lame duck that 28% of America approves of.

Which is what brings me back to Governor Romney. As I was reading the State of the Union previews, I was thinking, "What can our party do? We are in a lose, lose situation with our current president."

Thomas Jefferson said:

"Every generation needs a new revolution."

And revolution is “a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

Every 4 years we have a revolution in this country; a presidential election, a fresh start for our country.

When President Bush's term expires, I will be excited to be "out with the old" because "in with the new" will bring fresh legs to the Republicans, and an end to the radioactive presidency of George W. Bush.

Governor Romney can champion healthcare. Governor Romney can fix social security. And he'll do it all while balancing the budget, fixing global warming, and spinning plates while standing on his head.

I am looking forward to the Mitt Romney revolution!

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