Thursday, January 18, 2007

Governor Mitt Romney Announces Support of RNC Committee Members

Governor Mitt Romney Announces Support of RNC Committee Members
Thursday, Jan 18, 2007

CONTACT: Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA - Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that 16 members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) will be joining the Romney for President Exploratory Committee.

"As we gather for the RNC annual winter meeting, I am grateful to have the strong support of my fellow Republicans. In our Party and in their respective states, these men and women will be tireless advocates for our common ideals of lowering taxes, curbing runaway spending, promoting traditional values, and providing for a strong national defense," said Governor Romney. "In just two weeks, we have put together a strong team united by an optimistic vision for the future and motivated to go forward."

RNC Committee Members Supporting Governor Romney:

- Cindy Costa, SC
- Darrell Crate, MA
- David Norcross, NJ
- Donna Gosney, WV
- Jody Dow, MA
- June Hartley, OR
- Louis Pope, MD
- Lynn Windel, OK
- Peter Cianchette, ME
- Robert Manning, RI
- Ron Kaufman, MA
- Sara Gear Boyd, VT
- Solomon Yue, OR
- Tom Rath, NH
- Tony Parker, DC
- Vance Day, OR

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