Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mitt Romney hires ex-Bush ad man

Yesterday's rumor is now fact:

Governor Mitt Romney, who continues to sign up big-name political consultants for a probable presidential run, has hired bare-knuckles GOP ad man Alex Castellanos, a veteran of presidential campaigns known for his tough ads against Democratic candidates.

Widely considered one of the country's more influential Republican image-makers, Castellanos has produced television spots for President Bush, presidential candidate Bob Dole, and former senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina. Romney's move to recruit him sends a strong signal that the governor plans to mount a serious national campaign for 2008, political observers say.

This is interesting:

Romney knows Castellanos's work well. The media strategist produced a glowing video about Romney's four years as governor that the Massachusetts Republican Party showed at its convention in Lowell this spring. Romney's political action committee, the Commonwealth PAC, then bought the rights to the video, and it is now featured prominently on the PAC's website.

Read the rest of the story at The Boston Globe.

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