Thursday, November 02, 2006

One Pastors Take On Mitt Romney

I had the rare opportunity to sit down with about a dozen other pastors in our area to meet and talk with Massachussetts Governor and hopeful 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

He's a level-headed conservative with an impressive track record in Massachussetts. He revolutionized health care in his state by - get this - removing government regulations and allowing the market to provide affordable products for individuals.

How a conservative Mormon even lives in Teddy Kennedy's neck of the woods is impressive enough.

Romney shares many of our current president's values, and at the same time, seems to have a better managerial philosophy - especially when it comes to the War on Terror.

I wonder if being a conservative person without the "evangelical" or "fundamentalist" labels will work to his advantage with people who vote conservatively when it comes to social and fiscal issues.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the next presidential election comes down.

Right now it seems like the Republican hopefuls are John McCain, Rudy Giulliani, George Allen, Mitt Romney, and possibly Mike Huckabee.

The problem is: half of these guys won't ever have enough cash to campaign - especially against Hillary Clinton, who will have truckloads of money delivered to her from Hollywood and the Unions.

Thanks to Jeff Hamrick Online for his opinion!

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At Thursday, 02 November, 2006, Blogger Capitol 3 said...

Very nice:
You may be right about Mitt and his ability to work with both sides of the conservative aisle.

We hope Mitt pulls this off if he runs.
We do not wish for McCain to run and lose.

Aunty Billery is scary.
She opitimizes every libreal dream and every conservatives nightmare.


In Him T&T
Capitol 3


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