Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mitt Romney Continues D.C. Talent Raid

Romney Continues D.C. Talent Raid
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has hired Matt Rhoades to serve as a senior communications strategist in his all-but-announced presidential bid, according to sources familiar with the internal workings of the campaign.

"He will be in a top level, inner circle position," said one source close to Romney operations. Rhoades joins Commonwealth PAC executive director Beth Myers, PAC political director Julie Teer, Republican Governors Association executive director Phil Musser, Commonwealth finance director Spencer Zwick, policy director Sally Canfield, Ron Kauffman of the Dutko Group, media consultant Alex Castellanos, microtargeting expert Alex Gage, pollster Jan van Lohuizen, and national press secretary Kevin Madden in Romney's ever-expanding inner circle.

Rhoades served as research director and deputy communications director for the Republican National Committee in the 2006 cycle and is a highly-regarded and fast-rising operative in Republican presidential circles. He had previously worked as research director for the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign.

"Matt Rhoades is one of the most creative, hard working, intelligent and principled people in politics," said outgoing RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman

Read the rest of the story at The Fix.

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