Friday, November 17, 2006

Mitt Romney is Meeting With His Advisers and Leading Supporters

With just seven weeks left in office, Governor Mitt Romney is bringing together his advisers and leading supporters for a postelection powwow this weekend as he nears the most important decision of his political career.

Romney, widely expected to launch a 2008 presidential bid in coming weeks, is convening the meetings at an undisclosed location. Aides to his Commonwealth Political Action Committee refused to say who is attending or how big a gathering it is.

"What I can say is it's an effort to thank those who have been supporters of the Commonwealth PAC over the last year," said PAC spokesman Jared Young.

The Commonwealth PAC, whose stated objective is to support Republican candidates around the country, says it raised $8.8 million and gave away $1.3 million to candidates and party organizations in the just-completed two-year election cycle.

For the full story, go to The Boston Globe.

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